New subscriber

Alexander.Seidel (
Wed, 30 Jul 97 18:06 MET DST


as one of the visual satellite observer "oldies", and newcomer to the Internet, 
I would like to introduce myself shortly to the SeeSat community: aged 45, 
medical physicist, collector of meteorites, interested in astronomy since the 
age of 7, interested in observing satellites since the age of 17. Logged a few 
thousand visual observations from different sites over the years since 1969, 
mainly in the seventies and again in the early nineties, some of them 
documented in the PPAS. My permanent site now is Stade near Hamburg/Germany, at 
position North 53.5932 deg, East 9.4683 deg, 6 m ASL. Phone and Fax: (+49) 4141 
68772, E-Mail:

Happy to be online and greetings to all!