Re: Molczan elsets

Ed Cannon (
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 01:26:47 -0500

Note the quotes below from Mike M's page
which includes about 4 different ways to download the Molczan elsets.
The file includes updates of the "interesting" US objects.

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>                           Satellite elements
> Some of these files are automatically updated (see below). The rest
> are manually updated. 


> Files of satellite elements containing classified objects
> Ted Molczan's weekly file: Version of July 24, 1997.
> July 24 - I have updated the unclassified elsets.
> July 22 - I have updated some of the classified elsets.
> Ted's file has approximately 1230 LEO satellite elements. It is
> updated every week on Thursday evening or Friday morning.
> This link is to my anonymous ftp area: (79K)
> This link does not use anonymous ftp. If necessary, be
> sure to set your web browser to save this file before accessing this
> link. (79K)
> This link is to a text file in my anonymous ftp area: molczan.tle
> (219K) Use ASCII mode for ftp access. This file does NOT have CR
> characters at the end of each line.
> n2l_desc The description of the format of the elements in Ted's file.
> Ted Molczan's "notes". Nov. 28. (15K)
> Elements for classified objects. July. 22. (3K) Note:
> these elements are contained in the weekly Molczan file and usually
> there are more recent elements in the weekly Molczan file.
> These files are also available via anonymous ftp from using
> the following procedure: 1) ftp, 2) login anonymous, 3) use
> your email address as the password, 4) cd pub/users/mikem, 5) use the
> binary command unless you are going to get "molczan.tle", 6) get
> filename(s), 7) quit.