Wed, 23 Jul 1997 01:20:49 -0400 (EDT)

I had mentioned that the New York TIMES and other newspapers have web sites 
so that those not in this area can get more space news than what is 
generally found in local newspapers.  I have been told that, for the 
Times at least, access is only for people in the U.S.  To help all the 
SeeSaters outside the US, I can do this:

Instead of constantly asking who wants an article or photo each time I 
get something, I'll set up automatic mailing to anyone who wants it. 
Mostly on Mir, but can be on anything that seems interesting.  Some 
articles may contain coding symbols but they are still readable.  I 
subscribe to the paper so I don't usually check the web site.  I won't 
send every article that's in the paper, just those that seem interesting 
and when I have time to call in to the site.

Though readers in the US can go to the site directly, I'll be glad to 
send to you also.

Anyone who wants this, let me know.

Jay Respler
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