Re: Satellite Tool Kit now freeware

Bryan Dort (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 21:42:05 -0400

>   designed to help engineer, build and operate spacecraft, such as
>   calculating how big solar panels should be by determining how 
>   long a satellite will be in shadows. The company has sold 1,500 

Although I'm not interested in in building and operating my own spacecraft
(yet ;-]), I am interested in new software and in orbital mechanics. 
While the "flagship" software may not be of interest to me, one little gem
that I found on the list of available downloads was a .pdf file (Acrobat
Reader) call Astronautics Primer.  

Now, being fairly new to this and not having a whole lot of time to study
in depth the mathematics behind orbits, this little book (76 pages) seems
to be a concise introduction to this field.

The primer is based on "Understanding Space: An Introduction to
Astronautics" by Jerry Jon Sellers.

Here it goes: Any comments...

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