Satellite Tool Kit now freeware

Allen Thomson (
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 12:37:01 -0700

  Analytical Graphics has decided to begin giving away its flagship product,
  the Satellite Tool Kit software. The software has thousands of features
  designed to help engineer, build and operate spacecraft, such as calculating
  how big solar panels should be by determining how long a satellite will be
  in shadows. The company has sold 1,500 copies of the software since 1992 at
  $10,000 a pop. But Analytical President and CEO Paul Graziani believes
  giving it away will greatly increase market penetration, thus spurring sales
  of "add-on" products that will more than offset the revenue loss. The
  software can be downloaded off the Internet at 

Getitgetitgetit! (I already have, needless to say. The Windows 95/NT version
is 5.78 MB.) For those who don't know, a large part of STK is an orbital
analysis suite.