Clock Tick program

Bjoern Gimle (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 14:40:33 +0200

Jay Respler asked for a clock tick program. I have seen some, but
if you are satisfied with DOS and standard speaker, save the
following as e.g. C:\SRC\TICK.BAS and run
C:\DOS\qbasic /RUN C:\SRC\tick.bas

The program could be extended to read a QuickSat output,
skip all points in the past, read ahead a few lines, and show
them on the screen.
A similar program can easily be written for Windows.
I should have a few that came with my PC and require a sound card.

(I also have a driver, that emulates a sound card on the speaker)
PRINT "Press any key to interrupt!"
g$ = TIME$
    WHILE TIME$ = g$: WEND
    g$ = TIME$
    LOCATE 23, 1
    PRINT g$

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