Information on VAFB Titan IV launch

Agapov Vladimir (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 10:05:26 +0400 (MSD)


Here is some information on forthcoming Titan IVA launch from the VAFB
extracted from unclassified initial launch alert message (ILAM) for
this launch (initial variant for Jul 16 launch, I assume).

Name:           TITAN IVA/NUS, A-18/K-18/NUS
Launch azimut:  153.0000 DEG
Launch window:  16 JUL 97 0529Z TO 16 JUL 97 0859Z

   Sequence of events

Event                        HH:MM:SS

Liftoff                      00:00:00
Stage 1 ignition             00:01:57
Stage 1 shutdown             00:05:02
Stage 2 ignition             00:05:02
Jettison stage 1             00:05:03
Stage 2 shutdown             00:08:38
Park orbit injection         00:08:58

Objects to achieve orbit:

Two - payload and 2nd stage rocketbody. The payload parameters are classified.
The Stage 2/Payload combination is approximately 115.6 feet by 16.7
feet.  It is three axis stabilized.  There will be a strage 2
retrograde burn to separate the pieces.

Communications frequencies:

The Titan core vehicle transmits two data streams:
(1)  PCM 384 KBPS remote monitoring instrumentation system (RMIS)
     data on 2287.5 MHZ
(2)  Analog wideband instrumentation system (WIS) data on 2255.5 MHZ
  NOTE:  The analog and digital data streams are each relayed through
         two separate antennas; only one WIS, and one RMIS antenna is
         transmitting at one time.
In addition, there is a C-band radar beacon, radiating through two 6
separate antenna. The beacon can be interrogated through either
antenna at any time tuned to 5765 MHZ.

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