Unknown flasher

Paul Becker (pebecker@mail.primary.net)
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 00:52:10 +0000

Hi All,
  Tonight (the 15th) I saw a rather bright flasher with the naked 
eye.  When I first saw it, it was just southeast of being directly 
overhead.  I grabbed my 7x50 binos and saw that it had a 
bright-dim-bright-black pattern that was very stable in its repeat 
cycle.  In my estimation, the brights were easily at or above 
magnitude 2.   It was about 2 to 2.5 seconds between bright flashes 
(roughly measured with my wristwatch).  I lost it just up from 
Casseopeia; considering its track, it would have passed near the moon 
and would have passed through Casseopeia.  It was about 9:37pm to 
9:39pm local CDT, or 02:37 - 02:39 UTC.  I live at 38.47N, 90.63W.  
Can someone help me identify it?

Paul Becker