Re: Seasat -- Great Pass! -- and EUVE flash

Bryan Dort (
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 22:31:57 -0400

> Around 5:53-54 UTC on 5 July, I was lucky enough to observe a 
> really *great* pass of Seasat (78-064A, 10967).  It was quite 
> bright from the beginning of the pass, but at a certain point 
> it became *brighter* than nearby Arcturus (Alpha Boo, mag. 0) 
> and remained about that bright for possibly as long as 30 
> seconds.  From what I've been told, Seasat's best passes are 
> when it is between the observer and the Sun, and this was no 
> exception.

Wow, I just saw a great pass of Seasat (78-064A, 10967), too.  Mine
was sort of by accident.  I went outside for a quick look at the 
twilight sky just to see how viewing would be tonight.  It must be 
pretty good because I looked up and immediately saw Seasat.

Beautiful mag. 2 pass.  I didn't see the *bright* "flash".  Time was
02:06-02:07 UTC.  (Didn't have the viewing watch with me.)

SatSpy 2.0 shows culmination at 02:06:45 UTC using the following 
(Molczan) elset:

Seasat          21.0  1.5  0.0  3.9 v
1 10967U 78064A   97184.12306223 -.00000101 +00000-0 +11216-4 0 05934
2 10967 107.9928 243.0235 0001782 242.5563 117.5399 14.38176177996212

Quite a coincident that Ed sent this message tonight.  I wasn't even 
looking for it.

Looking for Tips tonight.  This one has still eluded me and I am anxious 
for a good look.

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