Re:Unknown flasher

Bruno Tilgner (
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 15:23:29 -0400

> On sunday morning Jul 6th 04h10UT a friend of mine observed a flashing
> satellite in a west-east motion. According to him and he's a reliable
> observer, the satellite passed through the Big Bear's tail in it's way =
> Cassiopea. I've checked with the cs970703 Molczan elements and SatSpy 2=
> and I couldn't find anything. The location of the observation is 70d42,=
> and 46d43,8mN.
> =

> Any help would be appreciated.
> =

> Clement Drolet

If it weren't for Cassiopeia I would have said it was NOSS 2-3 R which fi=
the time of passage through the Big Bear's tail, is presumably a flasher
and has the right size and distance to be seen naked eye. - But it did no=
go through Cassiopeia.

Bruno Tilgner