DMSP flare-ups
Tue, 8 Jul 1997 19:56:05 -0400 (EDT)

Don Gardner wrote:

<<Last evening at 21:43:30 (01:43:30 8-July UTC) DMSP B5D2-7 (NORAD 23233;
94057A) went from its usual 4.0 mag to about a 0 mag for about 5 seconds...
Has anyone else had a similar observation on any of the DMSP sats?>>

I recall there was a mention of these DMSP flare-ups here a while back. I've
seen DMSP B5D2-5 (90 105A) and DMSP B5D2-7 both flare like that, the latter
to -1 mag. 

DMSP B5D1-4 (79 050A) was flashing 4.0 to 8.0 mag when I observed it on July
4, but I couldn't determine the period.

On another subject, is there another NOSS trio that's not in the Molczan
list? I caught an 8th and 9th mag pair of satellites passing NNE by the Veil
Nebula (RA 20h56m Dec +31d43m, epoch 2000) in Cygnus at 0557 UT on 7/6 (from
41N 80W), the brighter one 5 degrees behind and 1 degree east of the other,
same course and speed. I looked for a third but didn't see any (which
sometimes happens with NOSS clusters). Nothing in his list seems to fit. Are
there any paired satellites other than TiPS?

Eric Vondra
Pittsburgh PA
Observing from 41N 80W