pair of unknowns

Bruno Tilgner (
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 18:48:25 -0400

Paul Maley wrote:

>This morning, while observing for remnants of 23596, I accidentally
>observed two objects at magnitude +7 travelling north-south. They were
>0.2 degrees apart following one behind the other. I ran Mike McCants
>weekly element file and nothing showed up. The time was 10:01:53 UT
>elevation 32 azimuth 165 very close to the star Gamma Sculptor. The
>coordinates are approximate since I was observing a close by area for
>pieces of 23596. Use my coordinates as listed in the message trailer.

Assuming that "this morning" means 30 June (UTC), I can find only
one object in Mike McCants' ALLDAT file: 68112E. It came within 1 deg
or less of gamma SCL at 10:01:51 UTC and flew in the right direction.
It is not in Ted Molczan's file.

Bruno Tilgner