Re: pair of unknowns

Alphonse POUPLIER (
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 19:09:36 +0200 (MET DST)

>This morning, while observing for remnants of 23596, I accidentally
>observed two objects at magnitude +7 travelling north-south. They were
>0.2 degrees apart following one behind the other. I ran Mike McCants
>weekly element file and nothing showed up. The time was 10:01:53 UT
>elevation 32 azimuth 165 very close to the star Gamma Sculptor. The
>coordinates are approximate since I was observing a close by area for
>pieces of 23596. Use my coordinates as listed in the message trailer.
>If anyone has an idea what these two virtually identical looking objects
>might be, I would appreciate it.
>Paul D. Maley
>DO5/Cargo Operations
>NASA Johnson Space Center
>Houston TX 77058 USA
>phone: 281-244-0208
>fax: 281-244-7622
>latitude 29.5378 north; longitude 95.0868 west; altitude 6 m

Could it be those two?

COSMOS 422 R   1 05239U 71046B    Ref.Date: 1997 176.97211858 = 25 / 6 / 1997
n=13.73218054  Height.:   978-   994 Km     Magnit.St.:  5.5

30/ 6/97   Az.:  Alt.: Sun:    Hgt.:  Dist.:  Magn.: Alpha:  Delta: Const.:
10h 1m 0s  177d     8d -16d   979Km   2856Km    7.1   22.6h  -52.0d    Gru
10h 2m 0s  174d    13d -15d   979Km   2501Km    6.8   22.8h  -47.0d    Gru
10h 3m 0s  170d    19d -15d   979Km   2159Km    6.4   23.1h  -41.0d    Gru
10h 4m 0s  165d    25d -15d   979Km   1839Km    6.1   23.4h  -33.2d    Scl
10h 5m 0s  156d    34d -15d   978Km   1557Km    5.7   23.7h  -23.0d    Aqr
10h 6m 0s  142d    43d -15d   978Km   1337Km    5.4    0.2h   -9.3d    Cet
10h 7m 0s  116d    51d -15d   978Km   1215Km    5.2    0.7h   +7.8d    Psc
10h 8m 0s   84d    50d -14d   978Km   1221Km    5.2    1.4h  +25.9d    Psc
10h 9m 0s   60d    42d -14d   978Km   1353Km    5.4    2.2h  +41.1d    And
10h10m 0s   46d    33d -14d   978Km   1581Km    5.8    3.3h  +51.1d    Per
10h11m 0s   37d    25d -14d   978Km   1867Km    6.1    4.4h  +56.4d    Cam
10h12m 0s   32d    18d -14d   978Km   2190Km    6.5    5.4h  +58.3d    Cam
10h13m 0s   29d    13d -14d   978Km   2534Km    6.8    6.2h  +58.3d    Lyn
10h14m 0s   26d     8d -13d   978Km   2890Km    7.1    6.8h  +57.1d    Lyn
10h15m 0s   25d     4d -13d   978Km   3254Km    7.4    7.3h  +55.4d    Lyn

COSMOS 1249    1 12319U 81021A    Ref.Date: 1997 176.94232374 = 25 / 6 / 1997
n=13.86182800  Height.:   914-   967 Km     Magnit.St.:  5.6

30/ 6/97   Az.:  Alt.: Sun:    Hgt.:  Dist.:  Magn.: Alpha:  Delta: Const.:
10h 1m 0s  180d    11d -16d   947Km   2585Km    6.9   22.3h  -49.5d    Gru
10h 2m 0s  175d    16d -15d   945Km   2252Km    6.6   22.7h  -44.3d    Gru
10h 3m 0s  169d    22d -15d   944Km   1941Km    6.3   23.1h  -37.7d    Gru
10h 4m 0s  160d    28d -15d   942Km   1666Km    6.0   23.6h  -29.0d    Scl
10h 5m 0s  146d    36d -15d   941Km   1450Km    5.7    0.2h  -17.6d    Cet
10h 6m 0s  126d    41d -15d   939Km   1323Km    5.5    0.8h   -3.4d    Cet
10h 7m 0s  101d    42d -15d   937Km   1311Km    5.4    1.6h  +11.9d    Psc
10h 8m 0s   79d    37d -14d   936Km   1418Km    5.6    2.4h  +25.4d    Ari
10h 9m 0s   64d    29d -14d   934Km   1620Km    5.9    3.2h  +35.1d    Per
10h10m 0s   54d    23d -14d   933Km   1886Km    6.2    4.1h  +41.1d    Per
10h11m 0s   48d    16d -14d   931Km   2193Km    6.6    4.8h  +44.3d    Aur
10h12m 0s   44d    11d -14d   930Km   2524Km    6.9    5.4h  +45.7d    Aur
10h13m 0s   40d     7d -14d   928Km   2871Km    7.2    5.9h  +45.9d    Aur
10h14m 0s   38d     3d -13d   927Km   3227Km    7.4    6.4h  +45.4d    Aur

My pleasure, avec plaisir,  Alphonse
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