Observ. Sunday Evening: USA 129 + others

Robert Sheaffer (sheaffer@netcom.com)
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 09:00:17 -0700

Observations  29 June 1997    (Sun Eve., 30 June UT)

04:49:06  UT  Appulse of 96050D with Mars. Very fast-moving, Mag. 3.

05:06:38      Appulse of Cosmos 2297 rocket (#23405) with Spica.
              Mag. 4. Slow-moving.

05:11:00      Eastbound Mag. 4 satellite, believed to be USA 129
              (#24680) moving just south of the keystone of
              Hercules. Time and direction matches the prediction
              from the elset of 97147.179 in MOLCZAN.TLE. However,
              the actual position of the satellite was approx 13
              degrees south of predicted position, passing about
              1 deg. south of Delta Herculis at that time.

05:44:44      Unexpected southbound satellite, Mag 4.5, appulse with
              Gamma Herculis. No matching object found in MOLCZAN.TLE
              or ALLDAT.TLE.

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