pair of unknowns

Mon, 30 Jun 1997 08:01:05 -0500

This morning, while observing for remnants of 23596, I accidentally
observed two objects at magnitude +7 travelling north-south. They were
0.2 degrees apart following one behind the other. I ran Mike McCants
weekly element file and nothing showed up. The time was 10:01:53 UT
elevation 32 azimuth 165 very close to the star Gamma Sculptor. The
coordinates are approximate since I was observing a close by area for
pieces of 23596. Use my coordinates as listed in the message trailer.

If anyone has an idea what these two virtually identical looking objects
might be, I would appreciate it.


Paul D. Maley
DO5/Cargo Operations
NASA Johnson Space Center
Houston TX 77058 USA
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fax: 281-244-7622
latitude 29.5378 north; longitude 95.0868 west; altitude 6 m