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Sat, 27 Jul 1996 19:48:08 +0200 (MET DST)

>    For everyone who has been asking me where to find a copy of ViewSat:
>the only other location I know of is the Astronomy:Astronomy Software area
>on Compuserve, where it is available as VIEWSAT.ZIP.

It has been at RPV as VS109.ZIP (info below from 9509)

                             RPV ASTRONOMY BBS
                      Rancho Palos Verdes, California

                              (310) 541-7299

                            Dave Ransom, SYSOP

Files for FILE AREA  5: Satellite Tracking Programs and Info

 |  TRACK:  Satellite Tracking Programs and Info  |

                                +- # Times Downloaded
 Filename       Size     Date   |  File Description
SATGUIDE.ZIP   11374 01/16/91 256 Guide for Novice Satellite Watcher
SATINFO.ZIP    15580 10/09/93 169 Txt file giving Information on different
SATINFO2.ZIP   16171 04/27/94 256 Description of many visible sats. With
                                  approx. brightness, history, viewing tips.
                                  By Ron Baalke
MANIFEST.ZIP   42144 03/21/95 036 NASA Shuttle and Expendable Launch
                                  Manifest, February 1995
PFFFACTS.ZIP   95033 08/30/93 045 Pluto Fast Flyby Mission, Text plus 2 GIFs


 STSORBIT PLUS: Space Shuttle and Satellite Orbit Simulation by Dave Ransom
 STSORBIT PLUS is an enhanced version of my original STSORBIT program. It
 adds vector map drawing, orthographic projection, automatic map selection,
 and many other new or improved features. Complete documentation is included.
 The program is contained in TWO files. A math coprocessor is STRONGLY
 RECOMMENDED for STSORBIT PLUS. Comments and feedback are welcome!   [10863]
 Version 9540 is a MINOR UPDATE, repairing three relatively minor bugs in
 Version 9539. Users with Version 9539 should read STSPLUS.NEW before they
 download this update.

STSPLUS1.GIF   27888 07/02/95 164 STSORBIT PLUS Sample Orthographic Display
STSPLUS2.GIF   26114 07/02/95 016 STSORBIT PLUS Sample Rectangular Display
STSPLUS.NEW    22280 09/27/95 007 STSORBIT PLUS Update Notes for Versions
                                  9540 thru 9517
SOP9540A.ZIP  299919 09/27/95 006 STSORBIT PLUS Version 9540, STSPLUS Main
                                  Program (Part 1/2)
SOP9540B.ZIP  293608 09/27/95 006 STSORBIT PLUS Version 9540, STSPLUS
                                  Documentation & Support Files (Part 2/2)
SOP9540U.ZIP  270121 09/27/95 012 STSORBIT PLUS Version 9540, UPDATE ONLY
                                  from Versions 9445 and up
SOP9537.BUG      946 09/21/95 014 STSORBIT PLUS Version 9537 Bug Report
SOP9517.BUG      839 08/05/95 059 STSORBIT PLUS Version 9517 Bug Report

STSBR.NOT      10196 05/07/95 011 STSORBIT PLUS Special Version released by
                                  BR Television in Munich, Germany (text,
                                  English & German)
STSBR.ZIP      50081 05/04/95 005 STSORBIT PLUS Special Version Documentation
                                  IN GERMAN, translated by Rudy Appel.
                                  Includes complete notes and registration

SOP9338E.ZIP  125306 03/07/95 010 STSORBIT PLUS Version 9338 Documentation IN
                                  SPANISH, courtesy AMSAT ARGENTINA

STSPLUS.FRQ     3606 05/05/95 614 Updated STSPLUS Satellite Frequency File by
                                  Ken Ernandes
STSPLUS.XRF      149 08/16/94 112 Example Cross-Reference File for STSPLUS
STSPLUS.TRK      628 07/25/95 066 Latest NASA/DOD Tracking Stations for
                                  STSPLUS, by Dave Simonson of DOD C-Band
                                  Radar Net (corrected)
STSCTY.ZIP     32888 09/18/95 078 Updated STSPLUS.CTY by Dave Ransom, 2100+
TRACKSTN.ZIP    1547 04/14/94 140 Worldwide Tracking Stations, .CTY file for
                                  STSPLUS by Joel Runes
CIS.TRK          350 07/27/92 006 CIS Tracking Stations (.TRK file)
STSTRK.ZIP      4686 06/17/94 045 Collection of 9 Tracking Station Files
                                  (.TRK) for STSPLUS
GSFC-36C.LOC    2837 03/24/95 025 Location file used at NASA-GSFC for 
                                  STSPlus display output to NASCOM, NCC,  and
                                  NASA-HQ. Ver 3.6 by Les Putnam.
GSFCTV26.LOC     485 04/04/94 040 GSFC-TV Display STSPLUS.LOC V2.6 by Les
NASTRK69.CTY    2260 06/10/94 031 NASA Tracking Stations Circa 1969, Les Putnam
APGERCTY.ZIP    4061 08/28/94 013 STS Orbit plus .CTY file, contains 183
                                  german airports (V1.1)
APGERLOC.ZIP    3675 08/27/94 009 STS Orbit plus .LOC file, contains 183
                                  german airports (V1.1)

LTD1023.ZIP    21723 10/21/94 036 Latest STSPLUS.LTD for STSPLUS by Joel Runes
VBERRORS.ZIP    1047 09/01/93 076 Visual Basic Error Codes for STSPLUS

 STSORBIT PLUS now uses Satellite Configuration Files (.SCF) which can be
 transferred from one system to another. Files posted here will work ONLY
 with STSPLUS Version 9334 or higher!

AMATEUR.SCF     4060 09/18/95 651 STSORBIT PLUS SCF File, Amateur Radio Sats
                                  by Dave Mullenix
GPS-PRN.SCF     6337 09/16/95 014 STSORBIT PLUS SCF File, GPS Constellation
                                  (PRN #s)
STANDARD.SCF    3439 09/18/95 316 STSORBIT PLUS SCF File, My personal
                                  "standard" configuration
VISIBLE.SCF     6955 09/05/93 411 STSORBIT PLUS SCF File, Visible Satellites
                                  by Joel Runes
VISIBLE2.SCF    5505 09/19/95 187 STSORBIT PLUS SCF File with 25 satellites.
                                  Most common satellites and good visibles,
                                  by David Cottle
WEATHER.SCF     6958 02/17/94 474 STSORBIT PLUS SCF File, Weather Satellites
                                  by Joel Runes

 STSPLUS uses map database files arranged in four levels of detail. Level 4,
 the lowest level, is included in the standard distribution files. Level 3,
 the next higher level, is available for download as file EARTH3.ZIP. Levels
 1 and 2, the highest levels, are only available on disk; see file README in
 the distribution package for details.

EARTH3.ZIP    202916 08/06/92 153 Level 3 Map Database Files for STSPLUS

 Programs TIMESET by Peter Petrakis and RIGHTIME by Tom Becker will set and
 maintain your computer clocks to high precision. I highly recommend these
 programs for use with STSORBIT, STSPLUS, JPLCLOCK, etc! See File Area #7
 for the complete program descriptions and listings!

 STSORBIT: Space Shuttle and Satellite Orbit Simulation by Dave Ransom
 Program STSORBIT displays the orbit of the Space Shuttle or ANY satellite.
 For CGA/HGC/EGA/VGA. Displays orbits on a map of the world in real time!
 STSORBIT is noted in the April and September 1991 issues of ASTRONOMY.
 STSORBIT is also available on the NASA SpaceLink BBS. This version is for
 use with ALL IBM-compatible computers with or without math coprocessor.
 For 8088/80286, use this program rather than STSORBIT PLUS!         [1128]

 Version 9201 is a SPECIAL VERSION for The Inspire Project, an experiment
 with over 1100 participating high schools across the country which flew as
 the SEPAC experiment on STS-45 in March of 1992. STSORBIT has been replaced
 by STSORBIT PLUS for all but the slowest computers; no further updates are

STSORBIT.NEW    9759 01/02/92 123 Update Notes for Versions 9201 thru 9123
STS9201.ZIP   200359 01/03/92 499 STSORBIT V9201, Track Shuttle & Satellites
VOR.ZIP        20115 01/04/91 194 CITYFILE: 1152 VOR's in North America
MONITOR.ZIP    23571 04/30/91 112 Verify MONITOR and ADAPTER Configuration
                                  (from STSORBIT w/QB4 source)

 VEC2TLE by Ken Ernandes.                                     RECOMMENDED!
 Program VEC2TLE converts orbital state vectors to 2-line elements with high
 precision. Supports a variety of date formats, several coordinate systems,
 and may be used with STSPLUS Version 9320 or higher! [385]

VEC2TLE.NEW     3707 08/24/94 041 VEC2TLE V9435 Update Notes
V2L9435.ZIP   167121 08/24/94 140 VEC2TLE Version 9435: Computes very precise
                                  Keplerian TLEs from state vectors of a
                                  variety of formats and units. Supports MET.
VEC2VIF.ZIP    53237 01/21/95 009 VEC2VIF: Converts NASA OIG RBBS format
                                  Shuttle state vectors to VIF format for
                                  direct read by VEC2TLE or V2KEP. By Curtis

 Program MAK2LINE by Dave Ransom
 This program assists amateur radio folks and others who receive Keplerian
 elements by voice. It converts Keplerian elements to 2-line elements with
 keyboard input and saves the results as a file for use with STSORBIT and
 TRAKSAT. A sample form is included to help when transcribing the data via
 a voice link. Version 9512 allows NORAD Numbers up to 99999.


M2L9512.ZIP    48295 03/25/95 292 MAK2LINE Version 9512

 JPLCLOCK: JPL Multimission Computer Control Center Clock by Dave Ransom
 JPLCLOCK was written especially for the NASA/JPL Multimission Computer
 Control Center to provide a secondary time standard and mission/event timing
 using a conventional 80386/87 computer.

 Properly synchronized against a time standard such as WWV, JPLCLOCK can
 automatically adjust your DOS software clock to keep time to an accuracy to
 within 250 milliseconds per day or better. See the file JPLCLOCK.NEW for
 sample display screens, an extract from the Introduction, and the Table
 of Contents. The full documentation is over 60 pages. JPLCLOCK will run on
 most IBM-compatible computers; math coprocessor helps!               [941]

 Version 9401 is a MINOR UPDATE, adding a special MET TIMER requested
 for use at Falcon AFB, Colorado.

JPLCLOCK.NEW    3899 01/02/94 110 JPLCLOCK V9401 Update Notes
JPL9401.ZIP   166940 01/02/94 508 JPLCLOCK Version 9401, Mission & Event
                                  Timer for NASA/JPL Multimission Computer
                                  Control Center
STANDARD.MTD     967 01/02/94 120 JPL Standard Satellites for JPLCLOCK
GALILEO.MTD      411 10/30/91 117 11 Mission Milestones for Galileo

 MTD files for JPLCLOCK from past missions:

STS68R01.MTD    2327 10/19/94 019 STS-68 JPLCLOCK mission file David Cottle
STS67R01.MTD    2326 02/19/95 061 sts 67 revision 01, jplclock file, set
                                  correct for mission. David Cottle
STS66R03.MTD    2327 11/06/94 033 STS-66 JPLClock mission file, rev 3. This
                                  file now has the correct (actual) launch
                                  time. David Cottle
STS65R01.MTD    2331 07/06/94 086 STS-65 JPLCLOCK mission file for current
                                  estimated takeoff and landing. David
                                  Cottle, IDB Syd/LA (repaired)
STS64R01.MTD    2286 10/19/94 014 STS-64 JPLCLOCK mission file. David Cottle
STS63R02.MTD    2327 02/02/95 047 STS63 jplclock mission file, revision 2.
                                  Set for Feb 3 launch @ 05:22:00 UTC. David
STS62R01.MTD    2327 02/18/94 074 STS-62 JPLCLOCK .MTD file for launch thru
                                  landing. Exact landing times and deorbit
                                  given by NASA. By David Cottle
STS61R01.MTD    1766 11/28/93 072 STS-61 JPLCLOCK .MTD file for mission
STS60R01.MTD    2319 01/10/94 062 STS-60 JPLCLOCK .MTD file, with NASA's
                                  posted landing AND launch time. Full launch
                                  preps as well. David Cottle
STS59R01.MTD    2327 03/26/94 071 sts-59 jplclock mission file. Set for
                                  4/8/94 launch time, but landing and deorbit
                                  not correct will update. David Cottle
STS58R06.MTD    1667 10/15/93 021 sts-58 jplclock file for 10/15/93 14:53 UTC
STS54.MTD       3072 01/11/93 048 STS-54 Timeline Data File for use with
                                  JPLCLOCK. Adapted from STS-52 Launch
                                  Processing Data Manual.
STS52DEO.MTD    2479 11/01/92 030 STS-52 Deorbir Profile .MTD taken from
                                  Rockwell Timeline Release.  Uploaded by
                                  Todd Sherman, Gainesville, FL.
STS46B.MTD      2412 07/30/92 051 STS-46 Timer Data For JPLCLOCK and Mission
                                  Data From NASA Press Kit
ARIANE50.MTD    1544 04/13/92 021 MTD FILE: ARIANE LAUNCH 04/16/92 00:12UT
V56.MTD         1508 04/23/93 018 Ariane Flight V56 MTD file (04/29/93)

 ORBITEL View/Check/Sort/Correct 2-Line Orbitel Elements by Dave Ransom
 ORBITEL is intended for users who wish to verify, combine, or modify
 NASA/NORAD 2-line element files. After modification, ORBITEL will rewrite
 the file (sorted by ascending or descending satellite number if you wish)
 and correct any bad checksums which are detected.                 [1086]

 Version 9432 adds epoch date validity testing.  See file ORBITEL.NEW for
 update notes.

ORBITEL.NEW     3206 08/04/94 022 ORBITEL Update Notes for Versions 9509 thru
OE9509.ZIP    111119 03/03/95 159 ORBITEL Version 9509 Sort 2-line elements
XRF1023.ZIP    64826 10/23/94 037 Latest .XRF files for ORBITEL by Joel Runes
XRF-RPV.ZIP     7673 09/06/95 136 ORBITEL.XRF used at RPV for all TLE files

 ADJ2LINE Adjust 2-Line Element Times by Dave Ransom
 ADJ2LINE allows users to adjust the EPOCH and RAAN of 2-line elements.
 This permits pre-launch elements for the Space Shuttle to easily be
 adjusted for actual launch time. QuickBASIC source code is included.

 This is Version 9314 and corrects a minor error when elements are
 precessed BACK in time.                                             [202]

ADJ9314.ZIP    48372 03/29/93 140 ADJ2LINE Version 9314

 TRAKSAT Satellite Tracking Program by Paul Traufler
 Display ground track of satellites on a world map as well as generating 
 orbital and tracking data. Includes sky view, mercator and orthographic
 map projections, analytical solution, and 3D graphics! If you cannot
 download TRAKSAT, you may send US$10.00 to Paul Traufler, 111 Emerald
 Drive, Harvest, AL 35749 to receive the program on disk.           [1926]

 Version 3.10 is a MAJOR UPGRADE of Paul's fine satellite tracking
 program. Take BOTH files for the complete package.           RECOMMENDED!

TRAK.ZIP        2740 09/28/94 107 Description of TRAKSAT V3.10 by Paul Traufler
TRAK310.NEW     1555 09/27/94 161 TRAKSAT Version 3.10 Release Notes
TRAK310A.ZIP  201909 09/28/94 469 TRAKSAT Version 3.10, Part 1 of 2
TRAK310B.ZIP  201375 09/28/94 457 TRAKSAT Version 3.10, Part 2 of 2

 SKYMAP Star Plotting Program by Rob Matson
 SKYMAP is Rob Matson's terrific star map and satellite plotting program.
 In addition to the program file, PRTGL130.ZIP or some other HPGL print
 program is required to print the files. Output is generated on the screen
 for EGA and VGA systems ONLY.                                       [1902]

 For a sample (and to test your HPGL print program or PRINTGL), download
 the file STS37PLT.ZIP.

SKY510.NEW     28356 07/13/95 020 SkyMap v5.10 Update Notes
SKY510A.ZIP   284873 07/14/95 045 SkyMap v5.10 archive 1 of 3. Executable,
                                  up- date notes, support files.  For users
                                  of v5.5- 5.7, archive 1 is all that is
SKY58B.ZIP    252249 10/21/92 201 SkyMap v5.8 archive 2 of 3. Contains star
                                  data files to visual magnitude 6.5, plus
                                  old SkyMap documentation file, SKYMAP.DOC.
SKY58C.ZIP    159124 12/29/93 086 SkyMap v5.8 archive 3 of 3. Auxiliary files
                                  for use w/SkyMap.  Unchanged since v5.5.
                                  Includes sound and geographical feature
MAG6.ZIP      130482 08/27/92 004 SkyMap Stars to magnitude 6

SKYCON5A.ZIP   33490 07/14/95 011 Utility to convert unregistered SkyMap 5.10
                                  to  registered version.  Only works for
                                  registered users.

PRTGL130.ZIP  109648 04/14/93 022 Version 1.30 of the HPGL printing utility
                                  PRINTGL [224]
DEEP15.ZIP     55320 09/07/93 184 Arizona Deep Sky database for use with
                                  SkyMap V4.7+. Contains 5925 objects to mag
                                  15 (The default deepsky cat w/skymap has
                                  only 1276)
STS37PLT.ZIP    5519 04/09/91 099 STS-37 RPV Orbit 77 Sample Star Map (HPGL)

STARPROG.ZIP  120990 11/13/91 086 Star Catalog Programs for SKYMAP V2.8+
SMSTARS1.ZIP  187045 03/05/91 100 SkyMap 28-byte SAO Star Catalogs, 1/6
SMSTARS2.ZIP  180272 03/05/91 081 SkyMap 28-byte SAO Star Catalogs, 2/6
SMSTARS3.ZIP  181262 03/05/91 075 SkyMap 28-byte SAO Star Catalogs, 3/6
SMSTARS4.ZIP  179716 03/05/91 072 SkyMap 28-byte SAO Star Catalogs, 4/6
SMSTARS5.ZIP  177506 03/05/91 070 SkyMap 28-byte SAO Star Catalogs, 5/6
SMSTARS6.ZIP   79319 03/05/91 072 SkyMap 28-byte SAO Star Catalogs, 6/6

 NPOE Numerical Prediction of Orbital Events, V1.5 by C. David Eagle
 NPOE is an interactive shareware program which can model important orbital
 events and predict long term evolution of satellites in Earth orbits. [43]

NPOE30.ZIP    533729 04/21/95 040 NPOE Numerical Prediction of Orbital
                                  Events, V3.0 by David Eagle
RISESET.ZIP   125665 08/06/95 019 Calculate Satellite Rise and Set, by David
SATPLOT.ZIP   356698 08/07/95 005 Plot Satellite Ground Tracks, by David Eagle
CCSHARE.ZIP   267252 07/25/93 042 Shareware Programs by David Eagle, from
                                  Celestial Computing

 Satellite Programs and Source by TS Kelso USAF, Celestial BBS
PASSUPDT.ZIP   27275 05/23/95 108 Satellite Pass Program w/.PAS source
TRAKSTR2.ZIP   57001 05/23/95 753 TRAKSTAR Satellite Tracking w/.PAS source
SGP4-PL2.ZIP   46779 05/23/95 119 Satellite Support Library, .PAS source
PASSCHED.ZIP   41284 05/23/95 013 Satellite Pass Scheduler

 VIEWSAT by David Rasmussen
 VIEWSAT generates FAST tabular satellite tracking data. Version 1.03 fixes
 several bugs and adds multiple satellite capability.                    [17]

VS109.ZIP     170373 12/29/92 139 ViewSat v1.09 Text only satellite tracking
                                  program. Fastest program with full
                                  accurracy of data output!

 SEESAT Satellite Tracking Program by Paul Hirose
SEESAT4.ZIP    44937 01/05/92 071 SEESAT V4.0, source and DOC's ONLY
SS4EXE.ZIP     50080 01/07/92 076 SEESAT V4.0, EXE by Rick Welch

 PCTRAJ Satellite Trajectory Calculations by Mark Haynes, JSC
 PCTRAJ is a series of programs which deal with orbital mechanics. They
 use state vectors (in several forms) and employ numerical integration for
 NOTE: These are complex programs not intended for the novice.

PCTRAJ1.ZIP   238537 02/04/92 108 PC Trajectory V2.0, Part 1/2
PCTRAJ2.ZIP   257601 02/04/92 100 PC Trajectory V2.0, Part 2/2


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