Visual Observing Bibliography

Walter Nissen (dk058@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 16:10:35 -0400

Jay Respler,  You will note that the answer to your question is in this 
bibliography, under "Slabinski, Optical". 
Bart,  Don't miss the Melin article. 
Visual Observing of Satellites: A Ridiculously Eclectic Bibliography 
Broad, Wm. J., Large Role for Russia Expected on Station, New York Times, 
pC1 & C10, 1993 April 13.  Shoot for 51.6 degree orbital inclination. 
Comet News Digest, V15#20, 1971 November 22.  (?) 
Earth System Monitor, USDC, NOAA, Environmental Information Services 
5th Space Memorabilia "Swap Meet", Space Show, P.O.Box 604, Glenn Dale, MD 
20769 USA. 
Flash, Werkgroep Kunstmanen, Vereniging voor Sterrenkunde, % Bart De 
Pontieu,, MPE, Giessenbachstr., D-85740 
Garching-bei-Muenchen, Germany. 
Johnson, Nicholas L., Rodvold, David M., 1991-1992 Europe and Asia in 
Space, US Air Force, Phillips Laboratory/XPF, Attn: Europe and Asia in 
Space Project, 3550 Aberdeen AV SE, Kirtland AFB, NM 87117-5776 USA. 
Lacrosse, New York Times, (front page), 1988 December 4(?).  Lacrosse 45m 
in length. 
Lageos, Sky & Telescope.  More than one article. 
Melin, Marshall, Observing the Satellites, Sky & Telescope, V18p145-146, 
1959 January.  Determination of rotation axis, Project Rotor, cylindrical 
body, apex of cone, automatic tracking systems, call for satellite 
Miller, Stephen, unpublished correspondence. 
Mir's Next Step, award winning color photograph of the Mir Space Station, 
cover gatefold, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 1993 August 23. 
Satellite Situation Report,, Orbital Information Group, 
Operations Management and Support Section, Code 513.1, Goddard Space 
Flight Center. 
Proceedings of the Royal Society, Series A, #1252.  Radio, radar. 
Slabinski, Victor J., Optical Tracking of Spacecraft, Sky & Telescope, 
V42p202-204, 1971 October.  Refers to Mike McCants' photometric catalog, 
volunteer Moonwatch teams, Norton Goodwin, laser & radar tracking, image 
intensifiers, star catalogs. 
Slabinski, Victor J., Photographing the INTELSAT IIIs in Synchronous 
Orbit, COMSAT NEWS, p4-5, 1970 December. 
Slabinski, Victor J., unpublished articles. 
Slabinski, Victor J., unpublished correspondence. 
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