Re: travel

Neil T. Clifford (
Sun, 23 Jul 1995 12:27:41 +0000 (BST)

jay.respler wrote:

|>Hmmm.  Maybe we could all post pictures here so that we could at least see who
|>we are talking to.  What do you think?

As nice an idea as it is I think this goes back to Bart's comment as
regards posting size (ie any sort of binaries be they pictures or
programs may not be welcome by all due to questions of local resources,
cost, time, etc).

I'm currently transfering the web site (VSOHP) to a new location ie

I also run an anonymous ftp site there. Once I've checked up on it I
suggest archiving the programs (and images) that people would otherwise
post to seesat-l (Bart may also want to put them in the seesat-l archive
for reference purposes but not necessarily distribute them to all
subscribers) at that location. I suspect many people would find it
convenient to be able to ftp the stuff instead of perhaps having to
request and weave together several hex/uu encoded binaries.

Note that the ftp site isn't ready yet, the web site isn't configured
properly (though I'm using it as the master site for the web pages; Bart
and I will probably carry predictions for different areas) and I may add
gopher and email-server access too so just about anyone can retrieve
anything from there.

best wishes,

Neil Clifford