Alphonse Pouplier (pouplia@interpac.interpac.be)
Sat, 22 Jul 1995 16:38:37 +0200 (MET DST)

 Bjorn Gimle and Rainer Kracht seem to be interested by the problem
 given by Gerhart Klaus. Maybe also some other SEESAT-L users? 
 I received a fax from Rainer Kracht and I sent him a fax with the
 two photographs and the comments from the magazine "Jura-Sternwarte". 
 I'm prepared to send the same fax to anybody else having a fax#. 
 COULD SOMEBODY SEND ME a TL-file of that date (april 10th 1991)
 with as many sats as possible? 
 As we have the instant, the celestial coordinates and the obs.-place
 (+47d13m 7d24m EAST), I shall use my IDENTification program which
 is often successfull. 
 Regards, Alphonse POUPLIER pouplia@mail.interpac.be