Mir EVA activities

Jeffrey C. Hunt (jhunt@eagle1.eaglenet.com)
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 14:49:56 -0400 (EDT)

I found this article giving the purpose of the EVA that occurred on 19 
July 1995.  So far I have not seen or heard of any additional news reporting 
of a problem on that EVA.   Jeff Hunt
MIRNEWS 17 JULY 1995    MIRNEWS 17 JULY 1995

1st Spacewalk (EVA) MIR-19 crew:
   Solovyov and Budarin made their 1st EVA on 14.07.1995
from 0356-0930UTC. They fully performed their tasks. They
found no pollution or damages on the outside of the docking
mechanism of the -Z axis. They deployed the jammed solar
array on Spektr with the exception of 1 section. The solar
array has now been included in the power supply system of
the complex. They also worked at a solar array of Module-D
and an antenna.

Redocking of the Kristall-module:
   Kristall has been moved from the forward port (-X axis)
to the side port (-Z axis) on 17.07.1995 between 0230 and
0400UTC. The redocking took place by the use of the 'lyappa'
a manipulator arm. So Kristall is now in the right position
to receive the Atlantis (STS-74) and the new docking module
in October 1995. On 17.07.1995 during the pass in orb. 53761
at 0554UTC Solovyov reported that the airseal of the system
after the redocking was normal.

2nd EVA MIR-19 crew:
   On 19.07.1995 between 0050 and 0620UTC the MIR-19 crew
will make their 2nd EVA for the installation of the Belgian
spectro meter MIRAS on MIR's outersurface. Originally this
operation was on schedule for 18.08.1995.

   This freighter will be launched from Baykonur on
20.07.1995 at 0305UTC for a flight to the MIR-spacestation.
If all goes well this freighter will dock to the station on
22.07.1995 at 0437UTC.

   Chris v.d. Berg, NL-9165/A-UK3202