Tristan Cools (
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 15:22:22 +0200

I just came back from the US where I visited many space-related musea and
planetaria.  I was also lucky to see the launch of STS70 from a guest stand
at KSC.  As this was my first launch to see, no need to say this was very
spectacular.  Seconds after launch of STS70 a cloud of water vapour
surrounded the whole vehicle.  This is something I never saw on previous
launches of a space shuttle(on television).
Just before STS70 was crossing the sun(yes, a shuttle transit on the Sun !),
I could see the seperation of the SRB's but I couldn't see them falling down
on their parachutes.(which I consider normal at that hight.)
If I had known, I also could have seen the Titan 4 launch which occured a
few days earlier but it was to late to make the arrangements for that.

Never the less this was a day to remember.

Tristan Cools