Satellite magnitudes

Dan Charrois (
Sun, 9 Jul 1995 13:15:32 -0600 (MDT)

Hi there.  I'm a newcomer to the list, and am happy to see such
a collection of knowledgeable individuals in a hobby that I have
just begun to discover.

I am wondering if anyone has compiled a list of "normal" satellite
magnitudes.  I realize that the magnitude of a particular satellite
at any given time is dependent upon its distance to the observer,
the Sun-satellite-observer angle, and the orientation of the craft,
but some ballpark figures must exist.  I've obtained objinfo.doc 
from AMSAT, and there are some good notes about expected magnitudes
in there, but I am hoping that there may be some alternative reference
sources as well.

If nothing else, I'm looking for a list of some of the brighter
objects.  Living as far north as I do, the summer nights don't
get very dark... and I currently can just barely manage to make out 5th
magnitude objects with my 11 X 50 binoculars, thanks to the brightness
of the background sky.

Thanks for any help you can offer!  Dan
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