Tom Quigley (
09 Jul 1995 16:23:56 GMT


> I see that many SEESAT-L users are interested with aiming and
 >tracking of sats by a telescope and also with observations of
> MIR with the Sun scarcely set. 
> I would like to send them a full description of the system I
> use to track MIR in daylight but that description being several
> pages long, I am afraid of annoying the other subscribers. 
> I shall send it (in ASCII, not in MIME!) to anybody who will
> ask for it at my address. 

Please send me a copy of your work.....
>Please accept my apologies for having sent long MIME messages. 
> I did not know it could disturb some of SEESAT-L users.

I wouldn't worry about it. Any one disturbed by long messages on a
topic they have subscribed to is probably "disturbed" to begin with!
> SEESAT-L is a marvellous forum. 

Here! Here!

Clear Skies,

Tom Quigley
Toronto, Canada