Re(2): Mir/Shuttle Sighting

Bjorn Gimle (
Thu, 6 Jul 95 11:31:59 +0100

There are two posible points for misunderstanding 
Philip Chien's message:

>>  Typically you'll only need one burn to=
>>  reduce the apogee.  
This reduces the perigee, if performed from a near circular orbit, or
near the apogee.

>> An object in a lower orbit will move 'faster' (relative to the ground) 
>> than a satellite in a higher orbit.  So the leading object is Atlantis
>> - not Mir.

Initially, it will of course move slower. It is only when Atlantis 
'falls down' to its lower perigee, or ascends to its apogee, lower 
than Mir's, that it overtakes it, and keeps doing this because of its
lower orbital period.

You could argue, that with a separation of 10 degrees, more than one 
revolution must have passed since the undocking, but I don't know
the separation speed or orbit change yet.