Sun, 02 Jul 95 21:20:45 -0800

David Moore wrote:

>I have seen Mir typically mag -2 and Shuttles mag -3 or -4. Together they
>should be easy to spot in binoculars in daylight if you know where to look.

  I've seen three passes of Mir/Shuttle and the brightness of them together
has been less than the Shuttle alone.
  The reason for this is the attitude of the Shuttle when docked with Mir,
which was shown on NASA Television.  Atlantis is "right side up" instead
of the usual inverted position, so the black re-entry tiles are facing
earth instead of the bright white upper body.  From what I saw on TV it
looks like the nose is "up" at a 30 degree angle (sort of like an
airplane's "flare" attitude when landing). 

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