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From: Bob Christy via Seesat-l <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2022 15:47:18 +0000

When I wrote my original post it had completely slipped my mind that only forty of the forty-four Planet Labs' Flock-4X satellites have been catalogued.

Adding them in too, we get a better balance (I've changed the format slightly from the original but it gives the same message).

   4 - USA satellites
105 - SpaceX public manifest
109 - Total

96 - catalogued items
  5 - still attached to ION SCV
  2? - failed to release
  2 - Easat and Hades
  4 - missing Flock 4X
109? - accounted for

Regarding Flock 4X - after launch Planet Labs mentioned via Twitter that it had been in contact with all 44 of its satellites so there is no obvious reason for the four being missed.

Robert Christy

> On 26 Jan 2022, at 13:48, Eelke Visser <> wrote:
> We are probably missing TLEs for at least Easat-2 and Hades. Daniel Estévez did RF signal measurements on Delfi-PQ, Easat-2 and Hades using the Allen Telescope Array. Because both Easat-2 and Hades where not received, due to antenna problems. See
> Doppler analysis on the signals showed that all three satellites match good with 51074, which was assigned to Delfi-PQ. The other TLEs of this launch did not match, and therefore we think they are missing.
> In addition all three satellites are pocket cubes. Delfi-PQ is a 3p measuring 15x5x5cm. Both Easat-2 and Hades are 1.5p, measuring 7.5x5x5cm. Maybe they get to small to be detected?
> Best regards,
> Eelke.
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