Re: Re-entry over Belgium Jan 21 13h21m30s UT?

From: Chris Steyaert via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2022 19:53:28 +0100
Found it already, Starlink 1204:



At 15:14 22/01/2022, Chris Steyaert wrote:
>Karl's recent post and the subsequent discussion led me to Bob's 
> page. Interesting, should have used it before.
>Here is the next challenge. Several observers of the Belgian meteor 
>beacons (49.99 and 49.97 MHz) observed a 'special' forward scatter 
>reflection. It is not a meteor: the speed estimated by the slope of 
>the head echoes (up to 6 fragments) is way too low.
>Any information is welcome.
>         Thanks,
>         Chris  for the VVS radio astronomy section
>About the attached 'spectrogram':
>- a regular fairy strong meteor at 13h20m30s
>- direct reception of the carrier is faintly seen at 760 Hz at the beginning
>- the 'S' shaped curve from 13h20m to 13h23m is a plane

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