re: Visibility of USSF 8 (GSSAP 5 & 6) events

From: Ed Cannon via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2022 17:48:33 +0000 (UTC)
This is to follow up on what I wrote hastily last night while still trying to warm up.After going back outside with the warmer coat, I was having to look up and then downto rest my neck, etc., So that's probably why I missed the burn. After I spotted the 
venting in the 8x42, I was able to see it without them. It was definitely visible to 
the naked (good) eye for a few minutes. I'm no good at estimating integrated magnitude 
of a low-contrast object, but given the quality of my site and so on, it must have 
been +4 at least. It wasn't very large. Wish I could have seen it from a dark site. 
Thank you again to Mike, who also sent Highfly predictions.
Ed Cannon29.382N  98.758W
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