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On I read:
Following SECO-2, the second stage re-orients to achieve the correct 
attitude for SMAP separation at T+56 minutes and 51 seconds.
With SMAP dropped off in its target orbit, the Delta II second stage 
continues its mission with a short 8-second burn at T+1 hour and 40 minutes 
to slightly lower the orbit for the release of the CubeSat payloads. The 
three P-PODs will deploy their contents (two 3U satellites, each occupying 
one P-POD and two 1.5U satellites in a single deployer) in 100-second 
intervals starting at T+1 hour and 45 minutes.

To finish its mission, the second stage re-ignites its engine for 48 seconds 
at T+1:52:30 to conduct a retrograde deorbit burn, placing the vehicle on a 
path towards a targeted re-entry starting at T+2 hours and 10 minutes to 
dispose the stage over a remote stretch of the ocean, marking the completion 
of the 153rd Delta II flight.
So the deployment is after SECO 3.


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Hi all;

One of the cubesats that will be deployed on the mission called "ExoCube"
published a preliminar TLE in its webpage:

1 99993U 00000    15029.59770833 -.00001134  00000-0 -64350-4 0 00004
2 99993 099.0736 036.6690 0163275 344.1705 144.7582 15.02264856000014

My elset is:

SMAP estimation                                          669 X 684 km
1 70000U 15500A   15029.65107060 0.00000000  00000-0  00000+0 0    02
2 70000  98.1160  38.3714 0011000 159.0288 245.3072 14.64153000    02

Loading both elsets looks like EXOCUBE's elset has less height than SMAP,
so I suspect that the three cubesats (see:
will be deployed between SECO-1 and SECO-2. Hoewer, I've did not found any
information about this so I am speculating.

The elset is pretty close in all other orbital values, despite inclination,
that is about one degree off.


Jon Mikel, COSPAR 6242, 42.9453, -2.82839, 623m, Bitoriano, Basque Country.
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