RE: Re-entry of 15001D / 40373 seen from Russia

From: Ted Molczan via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2015 12:36:40 -0500
Jonathan McDowell wrote:

> Ted - a correction: as far as I can tell, on the two immediately previous
> Dragon missions the second stage has been actively deorbited on the first
> rev.
> If D is the second stage, this is the first time since CRS-2 that it has
> remained in orbit - I wonder whether that was intended, or reflects a
> deorbit burn failure?
> > The Falcon stage typically re-enters about a week later
> I concur that the decay rate of the objects compared with that of CRS-2
> supports your interpretation that D is the second stage.

Thank you. I should have qualified my information.

Regarding the possibility that it had been intended to de-orbit the second stage, I found no evidence of a NOTAM having
been issued. That may not be conclusive, because I could not find one for the Dragon CRS-4 launch, for which the second
stage was not catalogued, presumably because it had been de-orbited. I did find a de-orbit NOTAM for CRS-3.

There were sightings of the CRS-5 mission's second stage, tumbling and venting fuel, producing the classic spiral
phenomenon. This was on 2015 Jan 10, near 13:01 UTC (03h14m after launch), from northern Midwest U.S. /southern
mid-Canada. A bright object was reported trailing not far behind on the same trajectory, which I assume to have been
the payload.

Ted Molczan

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