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From: Greg Roberts via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2015 16:53:40 +0200
I remeasured three times and get the same times and positions - I cannot 
spot any
error, apart from the difficulty of determining the exact start and end 
of a variable
trail but the variation there is small ( less than one minute of arc). 
The time is read
from GPS and written in the fits header so done by the pc so unless the 
GPS faulty
etc there is no error in time - the imaging program rejects the time if 
the timing error is
greater than 50 ms.

So I am at a loss. I can send you the two fits images if you wish. Only 
about a
megabyte each. ( same setup as the last fits images I sent you)

Exposure start 20h17m36.891 sec UT
Exposure duration 4.00 seconds
Timing precision 0.0005098 sec
(above from fits header)
satellite moving left to right

Exposure start 20h17m42.022 sec UT
Exposure duration 4.00 sec
Timing precision 0.0005708 sec
(above from fits header)
satellite moving left to right - start of trail little ill-defined.


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