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Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2015 14:26:05 -0600 (CST)
Phillip -

Doesn't it seem like there should be several good answers for this frequent
request? I have looked around extensively and have not found a really good

Mike McCants does have some software linked from his page, as said below, but
few people want to puzzle out how to use something like that. He does provide
some instructions in his reply. His software is all Windows (almost all software
is) so I have not run it.

You could invest in some commercial software of course – Free Flyer, etc but it
is expensive.

You did not mention your platform, most software of course runs on Windows. I
have a Mac (and access to Windows machines) so I like to know solutions for both

I do use GPredict (there are versions for Unix (which runs on my Macs), and
Windows but GPredict will not easily export what you want. You could slowly
piece together what you wanted but it would take a while.

My suggestions are: for a full featured program that installs easily under
Windows 7 – use General Mission Analysis Tool. – a program
written (?) at Goddard Space Flight Center and released to the public, they have
tutorials, a help site, etc. This does a lot more than what you want but has a
easier learning curve. If you understand Unix a bit you can install GMAT on Macs
as well.

I have a version of SkySafari, by – runs on Macs, iPads, etc
etc. The s/w I have was written for me by the developer and is in C, so should
be platform agnostic. But it does exactly what you want and not more. As long as
you can build and run C – which can involve a learning curve as well.

I had not heard of OrbiTrack and cannot find it, I will write to Gregg Hendry.

Celestrak has links to various software but you can spend a lot of time trying
to find something, trying to get it to run, etc. Dave Vallado has a lot of
software pieces out there but it is NOT trivial to get them to run (they are in
C, Pascal, etc).

Does this help? Please forgive me if I have bruised any feelings, etc – I have
spent a LOT of time trying to get software to run under various OSes and it can
take a lot of knowledge and patience. One of these days I am gonna put all of
this on my web page and make it easy but I am trying to make a living right now.

Charles D Phillips
Intelligent Commercial Spaceflight

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> Hello all
> I am wondering if anyone can recommend some software for me please.?
>  I am looking for some easy-to-use software that will take in a TLE, start and
> end dates/times and a time interval and then produce a text file of the
> satellite's latitude, longitude and altitude. Any suggestions please?
> Many thanks in advance.
> Phillip Clark

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