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According to news reports, the large COPV tank was inspected by personnel of the Fire Department and the National
Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) on Dec 31, at the farm near Santa Rita do Pardo where it fell. Radiation did not exceed
the natural background level.

According to the Fire Department, the tank was measured, and found to be 1.45 m long and 0.56 m in diameter. Its mass
was reported as around 30 kg. Access to the site was to remain restricted until Jan 1. The object was to be delivered to
the INPE (National Institute for Space Research) for additional analysis, but might later be returned to the

This Dec 31 report is the most comprehensive and authoritative I have found on the radiation tests and results:

It appends the text of the report by the Fire Department, which states the dimensions and mass; unfortunately, the
weight was cut off: "ele tem 1,45 metros de comprimento e diâmetro de 56 centímetros, pesando em torno de" ~= " it is
1.45 meters in length and 56 cm diameter, weighing around".

The following article also cites the fire department report, with the same dimensions, and mass of 30 kg:

(Beware of an error in the final paragraph, which incorrectly identifies the nearest town. Santa Rita do Pardo is

I am looking for corroborating reports on the mass.

According to this Jan 2 article, the object was being stored at the police station. Local interest remains high, so the
mayor was looking for a place where it could be put on display.

I am still looking for the precise coordinates of the farm where the tank was found. Several news reports refer to the
site as Santa Maria, and identify its owner as Francisco de Souza Dantas.

Ted Molczan

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