ORS3: PhoneSat 2.4

From: Jan Stupl (jan@stupl.de)
Date: Tue Jan 14 2014 - 19:22:07 UTC

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    Friends of mine a part of the PhoneSat project. PhoneSat 2.4 was part of 
    the November 20th ORS3 / Elana IV launch from Wallops.
    Picture of PhoneSat 2.4:
    By now there are TLEs at space-track for all 30 (!) objects of that 
    launch (NORAD ID 39380 - 39409), but only three of them have been 
    identified on space-track.
    The PhoneSat team suspects that 39381 is theirs, but 39402, 39400 and 
    39397 are also possibilities. Because the satellites are still close, 
    using the radio beacon for identification is somewhat ambiguous.Getting 
    more observations would be extremely helpful.
    I am aware that this is not really a SeeSat problem. We are talking 
    about a 1u CubeSat, which is probably difficult to find with a 
    telescope. However, if any of have radios next to their telescopes, 
    please join the hunt.You find all information (frequency, etc.) on the 
    website and you can submit received packets as well. Please note which 
    TLE you have used. And if you have friends in the radio amateur 
    community, please spread the word. Help on this will be really appreciated.
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