Re: ISS and cygnus tommorow morning for North america

Date: Sat Jan 11 2014 - 18:20:22 UTC

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    On 1/11/2014 9:00 AM, Kevin Fetter wrote:
    > Tommorow morinng, you will have a chance to see, them together in the sky at the same time.
    with the current TLEs i have at hand, i'm showing ISS passing about 0531 and 
    Cygnus passing about 0535 but...
    > They plan to capture cygnus at 11:02 utc ( Jan 12 )
    ...with this in mind and it being only 30 minutes later...
    > Not sure how close they will appear.
    if we see them, they will be very close... especially since they move to a close 
    station keeping and hold there for a bit before they latch on... i don't recall 
    how long they generally hold that station keeping or how many of those they have 
    but i suspect when they cross over here, they will already be in position for 
    the grapple and so may be too close to separate visually unless we can get some 
    steady glass on them as they pass...
    > I most likely will be clouded out.
    we may very well be clouded out, too... right now we're getting a lot of high 
    winds and still some heavy rains at times... hopefully it will be cleared out in 
    the next 15-16 hours...
    > So check your pass info, and  enjoy the show.
    we're going to try... just also hoping that it isn't so danged cold ;)
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