Visually Observed Natural Re-entries of Earth Satellites, Draft #7

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Wed Jan 08 2014 - 17:50:34 UTC

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    Last May, I published the first draft of Visually Observed Natural Re-entries of Earth Satellites:
    My work on this has continued, and in the interim I have shared several updates privately with those who have expressed
    interest or shared information. Thank you to all have assisted me! 
    I am now publishing draft #7:
    This version expands the information of many previous entries, and includes a few corrections. It also adds many new,
    mostly historical re-entry sightings, some of which have only recently been identified as a re-entry or correlated with
    a known decay or parent object. This remains a work in progress, and the comments that I made with draft #1 still apply.
    I am evaluating other possible re-entries for possible inclusion in the final report, some of which have come to light
    from my own research, others that have been brought to my attention. I remain open to suggestions of additional known or
    suspected sightings, as well as evidence of erroneous entries or information in the present draft.
    I trust that draft #7 will suffice for now; however, I will be pleased to respond to questions, concerns, or requests
    for additional supporting information, to the best of my ability.
    To aid recipients of previous drafts to identify subsequent additions, I have appended a list per draft.
    Ted Molczan
    Dates of re-entries added in each new draft to-date:
    Draft 2
    1999 Jul 19
    Draft 3
    Draft 4
    1973 Apr 09 both entries
    1983 Sep 27
    1986 Sep 02
    Draft 5
    1968 Jan 08
    1977 Jul 29
    1996 Jan 29
    2001 Sep 16
    2004 Nov 07
    Draft 6
    1975 Jan 11
    1981 Apr 13
    Draft 7
    1965 Mar 05
    1966 Jan 31
    1973 Sep 28
    1976 Feb 11
    1976 Dec 29
    1979 Aug 20 second entry
    1980 Nov 26
    2013 Nov 11
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