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From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Sat Jan 04 2014 - 12:57:59 UTC

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    In my Jan 3 e-mail reporting obs from the evening of Jan 2
     > 23855 96 026A   4353 F 20140102191902250 17 75 0455480+018990 56
    ...should probably be:
    02971 67 094C   4353 F 20140102191902250 17 75 0455480+018990 56
    ...and this comment probably should be scrapped:
    > 96-026A (Mercury 2) was about 1 degree off in position (this while obs by Cees
    > on Dec 29 still put it at the correct position), so it appears to be on the move.
    Cees Bassa reported obs for 96-026A from the following night, Jan 3/4, here:
    My Jan 2 obs does not fit. If Cees' objects of Dec 29 and Jan 3/4 are Mercury 2 
    (96-026A), then mine from Jan 2 clearly isn't.
    The only object somewhat near where my imagery unequivocally shows a bright 
    object, is the r/b 67-094C.
    It is however an uneasy identification, as it would necessitate this r/b to be 
    0.1 degree off in cross-track relative to timely Space-Track elements. That is a 
    very large error. By contrast, Mercury 2 would have a cross-track error of only 
    0.04 degree (but several minutes delta T).
    I am also a bit puzzled as to why the 'real' Mercury 2 then does not show up in 
    my imagery, as it is usually a bright object and I imaged its sister ship 
    Mercury 1 in the same session.
    - Marco
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