Spy Satellites at the Air Force Museum

From: michael p murphy (murph77@clearwire.net)
Date: Sat Jan 28 2012 - 22:48:19 UTC

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     Thanks to Kevin's heads-up, I ran down to the Air Force Museum in Dayton,
    Ohio, USA today to see the recently opened display of spy satellites.
    Three complete satellites (KH-7, KH-8 and KH-9), a camera assembly and a
    film recovery capsule from the KH-9 are on display near the entrance to the
    missile exhibit in the center of the Cold War hangar.
     You can get rather close to the displays, and it is nice to definitely see
    a KH-9 after struggling to catch one in orbit many years ago!  Now I
    appreciate why it was called "Big Bird"!  The solar panels are stowed on
    the displays due to the tight quarters in the are where the satellites are
    situated.  Eventually, the museum will display the KH-9 raised above the
    floor of a new building, and at that time the arrays will be deployed.
     An Agena upper stage is displayed behind the KH-7, and it is interesting
    to see one equipped with the rolling joint...
     The artifacts are in good condition and appear to be rather complete.
    Definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in west central Ohio...
     Sorry, Ted...  I know this may be a bit off-topic, but I did see them!  I
    know, they may not be flight hardware and they were not going five miles
    per second, but I did see 'em!
    Mike Murphy
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