Re: any reentry possibilities for New Mexico?

From: Thomas Ashcraft (
Date: Sun Jan 22 2012 - 20:02:29 UTC

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    I posted a brief report with pertinent information and sky-map underlay 
    which shows the whole sky and partial fireball trace at the moment of 
    the fireball.  If need be I can be more precise regarding starfields.
    Any analysis is appreciated. Thanks!
    Thomas Ashcraft
    35. 50 N  ,  -105.89 W
    New Mexico
    ashcraft  (at)
    On 1/22/12 11:32 AM, Thomas Ashcraft wrote:
    > On 1/22/12 11:10 AM, Skywise wrote:
    >> There is a message on the meteorobs mailing list regarding a
    >> 40 second long meteor recorded on an all sky camera in New Mexico.
    >> The original message can be seen in their archives, titled,
    >> "Stacking help needed for long meteor capture please" at the
    >> bottom of:
    >> There is a link to the video.
    >> It could be an Earth grazer, but with the length of time I think the
    >> possibility of a decay should be checked.
    >> Brian
    >> _______________________________________________
    > Hi.  That is my capture and I am going to post a star field map of the
    > fireball moment and will post a link when I get it done. I can pull out
    > some stars but the stars need to be differentiated from hot pixels to
    > avoid confusion.
    > I will post a note soon.
    > The .mp4 video is reduced from the original .dv video and shows around
    > 37 seconds of flight but the original video shows at least 42.5 seconds
    > before the fireball disappears into dawn light.
    > Thanks for your interest.
    > Thomas Ashcraft - New Mexico
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