Progress M-13M Undocking from ISS

From: abdolreza lavari (
Date: Sun Jan 22 2012 - 15:45:16 UTC

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    --2012 Jan 23   at 21:59 Progress M-13M will Undock from ISS.
    Following engine firings Jan 24 at 01:32:39 and 02:18:55, Progress
    M-13M will reach a circular orbit at 500 Kilometres altitude.
    --2012 Jan 24   at 23:14  Chibis-M Launch .Small satellite (34.4 kg)
    to be released from Progress M-13M into 500 kilometre circular orbit
    at 51.6 inclination.
    Its purpose is to study physical processes in atmospheric lightning
    discharges over a wide range of energies from radio wavelengths to
    gamma radiation. The expected lifetime is one year.
    --2012 Jan 25  at 23:06  Progress M-14M Launch  : Supplies to ISS.
    Precise time aimed for: 23:06:40 UTC.
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