Orbital Debris Quarterly

From: Greg Williams (k4hsm@knology.net)
Date: Fri Jan 20 2012 - 04:02:00 UTC

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    I was on Spaceweather earlier today and they posted a link to the  
    Orbital Debris Quarterly newsletter from NASA.
    I've never known about this feature but looked it over and it was a  
    very good read.
    Among the topics in the newsletter include discussing an anomaly with  
    GOES-10 back in September, the surge in smallsats being launched, and  
    the uptick in solar activity helping to de-orbit the Fengyun-1C debris  
    I hope this might be of value to you all.
    http://www.orbitaldebris.jsc.nasa.gov/ is the site.
    http://www.orbitaldebris.jsc.nasa.gov/newsletter/pdfs/ODQNv16i1.pdf is  
    the newsletter
    Greg Williams
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