Decay seen from Chippenham, England

From: Bruce MacDonald (
Date: Sat Jan 14 2012 - 11:08:21 UTC

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    Hello list, long time, no post!
    My friend Andy Burns in Chippenham, England (lat. 51.460° N, long. 2.122° W
    according to Heavens Above) has sent me this decay report for 20:55 UTC on
    Friday 13 January 2012:
    >Although not due to be seen tonight, at 8:55 something come in to the
    atmosphere and broke up in a shower of particles. Basic west to east
    >Mag -2 at start, up to nine parts at end. Slightly faster than ISS,
    started 35degrees up in South West went all across Southern sky max
    altitude 60degrees when due South then began to >break up, into two, then 3
    then nine. Leaving trail.
    >Could it have been reentry of Grunt???
    >Did anyone else catch this.
    Did anyone on this list in NW Europe see a decay at around this time?  This
    is a report from a credible witness (Andy is the chairman of the Wiltshire
    Astronomical Society).
    Devizes, England
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