RE: My new portable tv for sat observing

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Fri Jan 06 2012 - 18:01:55 UTC

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    Most Mintek models have video in.. I have a couple of them..
    Many players that don't specifically list video in, have it nonetheless..
    My suggestion is to take a camcorder, for instance, and try out the model
    you want. What we want a device to do is not high on the list of being
    included always in the Manual.
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    Subject: My new portable tv for sat observing
    The old small tv, I had for awhile, died on me last month.
    So I got a protable dvd player, which had a video input option, so I can
    view the video coming from the video camera. I found most portable dvd
    player's, I looked at only had a video output option on them, no good to me.
    I got the following model.
    So now just need, for the nice weather to come in about 3 months.
    It's way to cold to be outside, with it and the computer.
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