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From: Thierry Legault (
Date: Wed Jan 04 2012 - 21:14:08 UTC

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    hello, and happy new year 2012, to all members of the list!
    This were a special new year's day morning for me, since I was at the 
    edge of the French Riviera Observatory to take the last passage of 
    Phobos-Grunt over France, after weeks of bad weather.
    The video with all available shooting details is on this page:
    There is no sign of tumbling, and a video taken 24 hours before in 
    close conditions shows PG in a similar orientation. The unexpected 
    thing that I realized when I looked carefully at the video is that PG 
    is moving backwards, with its solar panels deployed but at the 
    opposite of the Sun. It's not surprising that it had no energy to communicate!
    Thierry Legault
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