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Date: Mon Jan 02 2012 - 01:48:29 UTC

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    Rick sent me some private messages regarding this unid.  There was some 
    confusion about the alt/azi system and now that Rick understands completely 
    here is the revised location of the unid:
    The object was about 60 degree from the horizon the whole time (neither 
    going up nor down but left).  It was first spotted at an azimuth of about 
    140 degrees (south east) and disappeared at an azimuth of about 80 degrees 
    lat/lon/date/time are below.
    - George Roberts
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    On Dec.26 at approx. 1757h CST I observed what seemed to be a bright red 
    object moving from approx. 164degrees to approx. 84 degrees. (I used a hand 
    held compass to estimate this.) My location is Omaha, Nebraska, USA
    41° 15′ 0″ N, 96° 0′ 0″ W.
    I was facing north and estimate that I Picked it up at approx 75 degrees. I 
    tracked to the east and took about 10 seconds to disappear. As it did so at 
    about 60 degrees, it flared. Any ideas? I have already dealt with a number 
    of cracks about Christmas thank you. I have been sky wathching since I was a 
    kid and have never seen something like this. It appeared to be in a low 
    orbit. Is it possible that it was reflected  light from the atmosphere. I 
    know satellites don't have their own light and have never seen any other 
    color but yellowish white. I felt better about the onservation after my wife 
    came out to look and confirmed what I saw. Also, my son said that he had 
    seen a number of postings on facebook regarding the sighting.
    Thanks Rick
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