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Date: Sun Jan 23 2011 - 19:48:17 UTC

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    As (I think) I reported before, my new mail provider does not give me
    a choice of text-only messages, and my OE client refuses to send
    anything, but receives OK. 
    Here is what I sent at 17:25 UTC: 
    stitched the three images (using just one or two stars).
    In the third
    image ("12:45:40 UTC") it meets 81-43 B which passed HP112031 at
    had unexpected clear weather this afternoon, and a 76 deg ESE pass, but
    saw nothing
    (alternating between 10x50 and 1x5 power) within +-2 min,
    just UARS later.
    Yesterday it cleared late evening, and I
    discovered/checked the new USA 224 elset just 15 min before the best
    pass, 14 deg N. But I found no spot to observe without (sparse) trees,
    so I concentrated on a later part at 10 deg, but saw nothing within +- 4
    On Sun, 23 Jan 2011 11:02:57 -0500
     "Ted Molczan" wrote:
    > Viktor
    Voropaev wrote:
    >> According to reports from Yarovoye (Russia) the
    >>satellite had 
    >> a brightness of about 2m. More information and
    photos is 
    (in Russian only, I'll translate if necessary).
    > I have not seen
    any confirmation that the images are of 
    >NanoSail-D, so I analyzed one
    of them, and
    > it appears to correlate closely with the current TLE
    >provided by NASA:
    > 1 90027U 0 11021.03111096 +.00000496 +00000-0
    >+78023-4 0 00033
    > 2 90027 071.9761 003.6513 0021431 200.5132 159.5103
    > The observer's stated coordinates are
    >78.5828E. Altitude not stated, but Heavens-Above
    > reports
    ~100 m for several locations in the vicinity. It 
    >is not clear whether
    this is the exact site
    > from which the image was taken, but that is
    what I 
    > The filename of the second of the three images
    >below) indicates that it was taken on 2011 Jan
    > 22 at 18:45:00,
    which is the observer's local time, 6 h 
    >ahead of UTC; therefore,
    ~12:45 UTC.
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