NanoSail-D info ("promising")

From: Greg Williams (
Date: Fri Jan 21 2011 - 05:12:08 UTC

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    According to Canadian ham op listening to telemetry the sails should  
    be deployed, and NanoSail is working to confirm but reported via  
    Twitter the data is "promising", so a much brighter NanoSail-D should  
    be visible in the next few hours across North and perhaps Easternmost  
    South America. - Real-time info - Twitter - Live  
    video feed of Mission Control from Santa Clara Univ.
    437.27MHz is the frequency if you have a capable listening station.  
    It's approaching Eastern Australia as I write this and moving north  
    towards NW Alaska.
    NanoSail-D posted this to Twitter:
    @NanoSailD: I have data from @naeisel and am checking. First look is  
    promising. Sorry that I have to verify and confirm. Will let everyone  
    know soon.
    Greg Williams
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