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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2011 - 14:10:58 UTC

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    Hi Tim
    Thanks for the report on SATELLITE TRACKER - it prompted me to install it on 
    my pc and see what it does and my first impression is favourable - of course 
    I did not have a scope connected so it wasnt 100% real but it seemed to do 
    everything. It also appeared to work on geosats - at least the ones I tried 
    in simulation mode. Im a bit curious as to why you specifically mention 
    Vortex 6 as being a problem. From what I can see it never ( anyway not at 
    the moment) comes above your horizon so should not appear in your tracking 
    list. I know Scott had problems - I wonder if there is something we can nail 
    down -- Im sure its something simple in SATTRACKER - probably a quadrant 
    ambiquity - which one might be able to overcome without having to get into 
    the software- not that we can as no source is available. Since SAT TRACKER 
    supports several different telescope systems it looks like the only solution 
    one has at the moment.
    Were you able to run SATTRACKER through the NexRemote controller or what ?
    I also had a look at Nova for Windows -- whilst it looks pretty I found it 
    not very intuitive - I guess partly my fault because I seldom read 
    documentation until Ive sorted out how a program works - manuals are 
    generally written by experts who assume you  already know what you are doing 
    . Generally a manual only really helps me when Ive alreadty got a program to 
    sort of operate. I finally was able to get it to go into track mode but 
    again I did not have a scope connected  (- dont have an LX200 anyway so 
    probably useless to me anyway).   Whilst the program appears to be under 
    current development the manual was written in 2000 - what about improvements 
    made, if any ?  The webpage briefly describing using the LX200 appears to 
    also date back to ~2000 - for example the link to SeeSat is pretty ancient 
    and incorrect - these sort of things in a commercial program tend to 
    discourage me from showing further interest in a program.
    So, for the moment, STELLITE TRACKER reigns supreme.
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