Re: Best pass of the ISS *EVER*...

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Mon Jan 25 2010 - 04:07:36 UTC

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    It was like Sirius had gone Nova...
    It actually had to be brighter than -8, as I have been centerline on -8 
    It was big, bright, and lasted a long time as blue.. 10-15 seconds..
    Mind you I was STUNNED, so these "times" are.. well.. you know..
    I was mad Wifey didn't come out to see it.. I always warn her about the "Sun 
    at your back" passes.. Well it's burned into my Retina's!
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    I'm soooo jealous! I just made the trek to Spokane to start My Life version 
    2.0 in my new position. And I missed the ISS passover! I'll have to 
    re-calculate my heavens-above long/lat for this area to view the next days 
    passes. This means I missed the only visible pass for this location! drats!
    Spokane Coordinates: 47.6590 N, 117.4250 W
    oh well . . .
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    Just saw the 51 degree pass of the ISS from the NW to the SE..
    And in the SE it looked liked a welder's arc.. Bright blue white and an 
    easy -7..
    Can these solar panel flares be predicted??
    By far the best pass I have ever seen of the ISS, and not just because it is 
    clear after 4.74 inches of rain over the last week..
    Derek C Breit
    BREIT IDEAS Obs - Morgan Hill, CA
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