Interesting Object passed through FOV

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Mon Jan 18 2010 - 15:28:27 UTC

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    A Friend in West Palm Beach FL sends this..
    Can anyone ID this??
    2010 01/18 03:49:37 UT (Approximate)
    Object of interest just passed through the field of view of my 14"
    scope with Wat-120N+ viewing stars at mag 16, centered on (568)
    RA 08h 06m 33.4s DE -03 35' 29.7"
    The object reminded me of the NEO we observed during the Skynet
    demonstration in Hawaii last year.
    The object was moving right to left through my field of view near
    parallel to a line drawn from GSC 4850:118 and GSC 4850:596. The
    integration is position "Slow 6" or 32 FRM. Six images approximately
    were displayed on the monitor. I have it recorded to tape with KIWI
    OSD time/date insertion.
    The apparent magnitude was brighter than anything else in the field of
    view. I estimate it was approximately mag 9.
    I would like to know what it was. The video is here
    Kerry and Roc were also scheduled to observe the same occultation - it
    was a minute or two after the event. I wanted to image the asteroid
    separating from GSC 4850:214 (2UCAC 30522753) - so I was still
    Terry - W6LMJ - 14.287
    Terrence R. Redding, Ph.D.
    Redding Observatory South, West Palm Beach, Florida
    How do amateur astronomers learn?
    American Association of Variable Star
    Observers (AAVSO): RTN
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